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[C'A] BÆSIC Fruit.É.E Series Body Wash (Pear) 150ml

[C'A] BÆSIC Fruit.É.E Series Body Wash (Pear) 150ml

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With C'AMOUR HYBRID BEAUTY, you have the option to select the fragrance and texture of your products, ensuring that your skincare regimen is perfectly aligned with your personal preferences and skin type. What's better, you can even put YOUR OWN LABEL on your bottle!

PERSONALIZED LABELS : Provide your label text and the font style you want and we will print and attach your label for FREE!

FORMULATIONS : From creamy, lotion-like formulas that provide deep hydration for dry skin to refreshing gel-based options that help control excess oil for those with oily skin, we have you covered. If you have sensitive skin, our gentle, soothing textures are designed with your comfort in mind.

FRAGRANCES : Indulge in scents that resonate with you. Whether you prefer the calming aroma of tea, the invigorating burst of citrus, or the delicate allure of floral notes, our range of fragrances allows you to find the perfect match for your sensory journey.

C'AMOUR HYBRID BEAUTY combines luxury, sustainability, and self-care into one captivating package. Escape to an ethereal oasis every time you shower with our BÆSIC Fruit.É.E Series. The invigorating scent and hydrating formula transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience. The eco-friendly glass bottle is designed with a tranquil aesthetic that complements your bathroom décor.

Customer Reviews

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I can'rt believe I got this for free!!! The fragrance is just very very good.The lather has a soft and delightful texture, making it a pleasure to use. I'm giving it a high rating, especially because of the free gift I received. The seller was also incredibly responsive. I plan to recommend this body wash to both my friends and colleagues, hoping that they'll enjoy it just as much as I do.

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